HO, hip immobilisation orthosis, bilateral, static, prefabricated


Static orthosis supposed to control both hips in a favourable position for correct growth and to avoid damage of the hip joints through relief of load. Used during a part of the growth period.
Different versions exist, like:
* plastic
* plastic with metal bars
* cloth or similar material

Production Type

Prefabricated (ready to use or adjustable)

Activities and Responsibilities Supplier

Classification ISO 9999

061215060606 - Orthosis, lower limb, hip, bilateral, to reduce deformity, normal load
061215061206 - Orthosis, lower limb, hip, bilateral, to limit range of joint(s) motion, normal load


Temporarely for treatment

User Characteristics

Indications are for example:
* Calve-Legg-Perthes for children during growth

User Characteristics ICF Code

Contra Indication Text

Intended Use Text

To keep both hip joints in a favourable position for children during first period of growth to stimulate healing and to ensure that in later life there are no restrictions of activities and to participate in society.

Intended Use ICF Code

1iu1.2 - To reduce deformities in alignment
1iu2.1 - To limit range of joint motion
2d4154 - To support or train maintaining a standing position
2d5702 - Maintaining one's health

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