Prosthetic functional component, upper limb, prosthetic hand, externally-powered, myoelectric


Prosthetic hand in which motion between adjacent parts is achieved by motor(s) which may be either integral or proximally mounted with a mechanical link. The mode of operation may be powered movement in both directions, powered opening or powered closing. The control of movement is achieved by myopotentials.

Production Type

Prefabricated (ready to use or adjustable)

Activities and Responsibilities Supplier

Classification ISO 9999

061824060606 - Prosthesis, upper limb, functional component, terminal device, prosthetic hand, active, externally powered, controlled by myo-electrical signals



User Characteristics

User Characteristics ICF Code

Contra Indication Text

Intended Use Text

Supposed to be used as functional (to grip, keep, support) and cosmetic replacement of the amputated hand for activities which require a fine grip.

Intended Use ICF Code

1b1801 - To support or train experience of self
2d4400 - To support or train picking up
2d4401 - To support or train grasping
2d4402 - To support or train manipulating
2d4403 - To support or train releasing

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