TLSO, scoliosis correction orthosis, breathing supports correction, custom made


Semi-elastic or rigid corset made from textile, leather or plastic with dorsal locking to control scoliosis. It is based on a pelvic corset with uprights or integrated thoracic support.
Three point principles push the pelvis back from a forward tilt. Also are the curves corrected in three dimensions in every plane of the body. On the opposite site of the pads are big windows to enable the patient to support the correction in an active way. The fitting allows breathing. The breathing creates an active support.

Different versions exists:
* a leather corset built over a reinforced frame with metal or plastic uprights
* an semi-rigid cloth corset, reinforced with two metallic or plastic uprights (St. Etienne corset).

Custom made on a model of the patient.

Production Type

Custom Made

Activities and Responsibilities Supplier

Classification ISO 9999

060309060000 - Orthosis, spinal and cranium, thoraco-lumbo-sacral, to reduce deformity in alignment
060309240000 - Orthosis, spinal and cranium, thoraco-lumbo-sacral, to compensate for weak muscle activity


Temporarely for treatment

User Characteristics

Indications are for example:
* idiopathic scoliosis for children during growth with a maximum apex at T8

User Characteristics ICF Code

Contra Indication Text

Intended Use Text

To correct scoliosis of the lumbar and thoracic spine and to prevent further deformities, also to decrease lordosis and slightly kyphosis for children during growth, to ensure that at a later stage there are no major restrictions of activities and to participate in society.
To be applied in case the prefabricated version does not fit due to impairments of body functions and/or structures.

Intended Use ICF Code

1b44* - To support or train functions of the respiratory system
1iu1.2 - To reduce deformities in alignment
2d4154 - To support or train maintaining a standing position
2d450 - To support or train walking
2d5702 - Maintaining one's health

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