AO, abdominal fabric support, elastic, prefabricated


Circular complete or partly complete elastic corset from textile with inner interface material. The corset has a ventral fabric pad with an adjustable strap or apron front. The compression of the abdomen normalises the body posture. Dorsal or lateral locking.
Can be extended with extra supports, a stocking fixation, etc.
Made from prefabricated components.

Production Type

Prefabricated (ready to use or adjustable)

Activities and Responsibilities Supplier

Classification ISO 9999

060406030000 - Orthosis, abdominal, muscle support, to improve shape
060406060000 - Orthosis, abdominal, muscle support, compensate for weak muscle
060406090000 - Orthosis, abdominal, muscle support, reduce and/or redistribute load


Permanently and temporarely

User Characteristics

Indications are for example:
* post abdominal wall operation (temporary)
* treatment of abdomen wall after rupture, wound, hernia, scar hernia
* abdominal wall paralysis (permanent)
* difficult stoma fixation

User Characteristics ICF Code

1b260 - Impairment in proprioceptive function
1b7101 - Impairment in mobility of several joints
2d4154 - Limitation in maintaining a standing position
2d450 - Limitation in walking
2d5702 - Limitation in maintaining one's health

Contra Indication Text

Intended Use Text

Orthosis to prevent, to hold or to reduce a deformity of the abdomen to normalise body posture, enabling daily activities and social participation.
To be applied in case the ready made version does not fit due to impairments of body functions and/or structures.

Intended Use ICF Code

1b260 - To support or train proprioceptive functioning
1b7101 - To support, protect or train mobility of several joints
1iu1.1 - To prevent deformities in alignment
1iu4.1 - To compensate for weak muscle activity
2d4154 - To support or train maintaining a standing position
2d450 - To support or train walking
2d5702 - Maintaining one's health

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