FiO, finger immobilisation orthosis, flexion of MCP-PIP-DIP joints, prefabricated


Orthosis composed by a moulded metal part with lateral wings and foam padding, placed over the palmar area of the complete finger length. Designed to immobilise into flexion through rigid fixation the combination of:
* interphalangeal joint distal (DIP)
* proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP)
* metacarpi phalangeal joint proximal (MCP).

Production Type

Prefabricated (ready to use or adjustable)

Activities and Responsibilities Supplier

Classification ISO 9999

060603120000 - Orthosis, upper limb, finger, to limit range of joint(s) motion


Temporarely for treatment

User Characteristics

Indications are for example:
* injuries of finger bone, muscles or tendons
* impairments of joint structures

User Characteristics ICF Code

2d5702 - Limitation in maintaining one's health

Contra Indication Text

Ulcers at the area where the orthosis fits.

Intended Use Text

Orthosis to immobilise in flexion the MCP, DIP and PIP joints in order to stimulate rehabilitation.

Intended Use ICF Code

1iu2.1 - To limit range of joint motion
1iu4.1 - To compensate for weak muscle activity
2d5702 - Maintaining one's health

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